Yes. Our courses have been approved by the California Secretary of State. They fulfil the mandatory Notary education requirement.
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To register for the exam visit: www.cpshr.us

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  • Calnotaryschool.com says:


    We have recently completed a system update, as well as initiated some changes to the course which will be in effect in the near future. One of the changes will be the vendor name. Currently our vendor name is Calnotaryschool.com. Please destroy the certificate that was provided at your completion of the course.

    Customers are not required to put in the date of completion themselves. Until the system error is corrected we will have to manual create your certificate and email it to. You should recieve your certificate via email by 6: AM today 8/28/2021.

    If you have any further concerns you may reply to thid email.

    Support Team

  • Gianessa Jones says:

    My certificate does not have a completion date. Do I write it in myself?

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    No. At this time the California Secretary of State does not permit exams to be taken online?

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